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Welcome to Lawns For You – Duncan Gray, Founder

If this is your first time on Lawns for You it might be worth a little introduction to the material you’ll find here and how you can best use it.

I’ve created this site to give you as much information as I can about caring for your Lawn, from preparing and seeding a brand new garden to keeping an established pristine lawn just that – pristine.

Have a look at the headings below for a guide to what each section on the site covers and where you can best find what you’re looking for. Use the “Getting Started” menu on the right to access the areas I list below.

Our Local Lawn Care Service

Lawns For You is based in Dumfries, Scotland and provides a quality lawn care and gardening service to anyone within around 100 miles of our location, thus covering the South West of Scotland, the Scottish central belt and the far north of England.

We’ve worked with many local customers in creating a lawn and garden you can be proud of. If you need a lawn mowing specialist, or a local gardener, just give us a call on 01387 339912 or contact us here.

Get an Online Lawn Consultation

First off, I’d love to give you a personal lawn consultation to start your lawn care journey properly. Before you even have to lift a lawn mowing or seed planting finger yourself I can tell you where to start and what you need to do.

Send me a couple of pictures of your lawn and a quick rundown of the problems you’re experiencing. I’ll then reply with professional advice on steps to take to gain real improvements. The service runs for a full year so you’ll have me on hand for expert advice for the full season.

Buy my Online Lawn Care Service now and get your Lawn into the best shape it’s ever been in.

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Constructing and Establishing a New Lawn

If you have a brand new garden area, either in a new build or having reconstructed an old one, have a look in here for advice on creating a new lawn, whether seeding it from scratch, laying new turf and sod or finding a grass alternative.

Click here if you’re Constructing and establishing a new lawn

Grass Types and Growing Conditions

If you’re looking for more detail on grass itself then this is the section for you. Here I talk about the different types of grass you’ll find in lawns and beyond, the traits you can utilise to get the lawn you want and the conditions you need to bring about to help them grow best. The aspiring lawn expert will find everything they need here to create the perfect green lawn.

Click here to learn about Grass types and lawn growing conditions

Lawn Mowing

Pretty self explanatory this one – all about how to mow your lawn. I’ll cover everything you ever wanted to know about lawn mowers, and probably a lot more! I’ll also look at the best ways to mow your lawn.

Click here to get Lawn mowing advice

Lawn Maintenance

This section is for when you have your lawn established and you’re looking to keep it green and healthy. Here we’ll look at seeds, fertilisers, irrigation and many more factors and tools for maintaining healthy grass.

Click here to learn about lawn maintenance, grass seed and lawn fertilisers.

Lawn diseases, pests and other problems

So, despite your best efforts, your grass is in bad shape. There are all sorts of grubs, bugs, pests and insects dying to eat your grass. Here we cover how to make sure they’re just dying! There are also a plethora of diseases that can do anything from create a slight discolouration right up to killing large patches of grass. Here I cover how to combat disease.

Click here to find out about lawn diseases, grubs and pests

Artificial Grass

And, for those that simply want a great looking garden but without the hassle, we look at artificial grass. You’ll find a huge range of astroturf and artificial grass here and elsewhere that could fit the bill. Have a look at this section for the options.

Click here to find out about Artificial grass, astroturf and other grass alternatives