Why this will help.

I have identified a need for a tailor made package of all the supplies required for a bowling club to maintain a green to the highest standard, to be made readily available.

After having discussed this with our suppliers, we are now able to offer a very competitive one stop shop to save inexperienced bowling green committees searching through a bewildering array of the available products.

The package will also include the instruction and advice required to maximise the benefits.

The package.

All the instructions on when and how to use the materials.

Advice and instruction on the general maintenance procedures, along with any training required.

All fertilizers and conditioners required for the years work.

All chemicals, such as wetting agent, fungicide, and insecticide.

An appraisal of the machinery and equipment available to the club.

Ongoing availability by phone or e-mail to advise on any problems.

The cost.

The cost will vary depending on the size of green, and the requirements of each individual club, but is guaranteed to be cost effective.

The cost can also be spread over the season to enable the club to budget effectively.

Please contact me to arrange for further details, and a costing specific to your club.