A Large lawn, very finely mowed, showing fine attention to lawn care

This is a great example of the vibrant colours that are achievable in the garden.

When you own a home with a large garden, lawn care and maintenance can seem like a daunting task. However, with a little planning, a riding, or good quality hand lawn mower, and the right parts and accessories, you can create a landscape that’s easy to manage without taking all day.

Check out these tips for landscaping your lawn and mowing large gardens. For the best lawn mowers to use, check other articles on this web site.

Reduce the space you need to mow using Landscaping

The first step in landscaping a large garden is to create a design that will break your garden up into outdoor rooms, each with its own focal point. Your layout will depend on how you and your family intend use your garden, but here are some landscaping ideas you may want to use as you get started:

  • Create a border using hedges or other shrubs and extended flower beds
  • Plant flowering trees for a shady reading spot and install a fountain
  • Build a tool shed to hold your lawn mower, parts and other lawn care equipment
  • Design private space for your family and friends with a patio, fire pit, stone pathways, possibly even hot tub and in-ground pool
  • Plant a vegetable garden for an aesthetically pleasing and tasty addition to your garden

Obtain the right equipment

Ride-on lawn mowers or tractors are sometimes necessary tools to lighten the load when you own a home with a large lawn. Otherwise make sure you have wheel, or roller powered, good quality mower, that also collects the grass cuttings. Hand mowing can be very therapeutic, and do give a better finish. Find them here, and look a out for my reviews.

Lawn mowing in a large garden requires a little bit of planning, and the right attachments can help you make short work of your mowing chores. Consider a bagger attachment for your lawn tractor to collect cuttings and mix them into compost, or use as a mulch around shrubs and trees, after you mow.

Lawn mower attachments include mulching kits, which are not great for producing a good lawn, but necessary if there is no way of getting rid of cuttings, snow plough attachments for homes with a large driveway, rakes and scarifiers, and brushes.

Maintain your equipment with the lawn mower parts

Having the right equipment doesn’t help much if it’s not in good condition. Take care of your machine by ordering a unit that can be easily serviced, and performing annual maintenance. Sharp lawn mower blades lead to a clean cut that facilitates a healthy lawn, while dull mower blades leave your grass susceptible to diseases and weed growth.

Blades and other lawn mower parts like belts and filters will need to be checked and potentially replaced each year due to natural wear and tear. But should a specific lawn mower part break or crack, it’s important to get it fixed immediately to prevent further damage to your machine.

Final tips for lawn mowing in large gardens

Whether using a ride on mower, or a walk behind, it is important to mow in several different directions, to ensure an upright grass sward. On a large lawn this can entail mowing the lawn in sections to enable that to be carried out properly.

When refuelling or lubricating, it is very important to get the mower off the lawn, as with the best of intentions, there will sometimes be spills which will cause grass damage.

For all of the other maintenance procedures required to maintain a good lawn, and more in depth mowing procedures, please have a look at my many other articles on this web site.