A close-up of grass and daisys

Spring: time to get the lawn mower out

Now that Spring is really here it’s time to get the mower out if you havn`t been keeping the lawn trimmed over the Winter, which is often neccessary in our climate.

Before the first cut it’s best to do a little preparation. This is essential to ensure that you don’t damage your mower and to obtain the perfectly cut lawn.

Follow these steps to make sure you gets the results you deserve:

  • Check the lawn for any debris that may damage the mower. The winter may have brought more than just rain – stones, pinecones and dog toys are among the many things that have been known to damage the mower blades!
  • Brush off any worm casts you find – cutting over these smears the cast over the surface suffocating the grass and creating an ideal seedbed for weed seeds.
  • Ensure the cutting blades are sharp and set properly, if you dont know how I will be showing you how elsewhere on this site. Blunt or badly set mowers damage the grass and cause unsightly marking.

One of my favourite things is the smell of freshly cut grass as the sap rises in the Spring, followed closely by the sight of a well cut green lawn, which is why I want to share the secrets of attaining this with you.