Temperature requirements for a good green lawn

We are fortunate in the UK that prolonged periods of extremes in temperature are very rare because the indigenous grasses are not adapted to cope with them for sustained periods. In very hot weather it may well be necessary to give the lawn a little light sprinkle of water two or three times over the day to stop the leaves wilting, and in very cold weather try to keep off the surface as much as possible to avoid breaking the frozen leaves.

Water requirements for lawn care

A droplet of water clinging to grass

Grass needs water to thrive and survive

Water is essential for life so has to be managed well in order to get the best out of your lawn. When I tell you that 75% to 85% by weight of the grass plant is water, and a loss of not much more than 10% of that can result in death, you will realise the importance of water management. Too much can also be a problem of course, especially on our wetter west coast areas, so it is important to balance the water retention and the drainage capabilities of the lawn.

Air and its relevance to green grass

Air is the other essential for life as it supplies the carbon dioxide assimilated by any plant in the act of photosynthesis, and the root system exists and grows in the air gaps between the particles of soil. It is essential for a healthy lawn to ensure good air circulation, usually by the same remedies as in maximising light penetration, and to aerate the rootzone, if required, by mechanical means.

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