“What are you talking about! Winter Grass Care?” I hear you cry. “Shouldn’t I leave my lawn alone when we’re in the cold season?”

winter grass and lawn maintenance - a snowy landscape

Grass and lawn maintenance can become a little tricky over winter

This is a 2-part article dealing with the common questions around winter lawn maintenance, a subject that normally produces responses similar to the one above. This is the second article of the series, featuring:

  • Why lawn aeration is particularly importing in the winter months
  • The long term jobs, such as lawn edging, which you can complete over the winter season

Article one is worth reading first as it includes an introduction to winter grass care and why it’s required, but also covers:

  • why it’s important to change how you mow your lawn over winter to give your grass the best chance
  • Why winter grass conditions mean you shouldn’t use fertiliser
  • How common lawn supplements, great for a winter grass care regime, can also help you control the growth of moss in your lawn.

Aerating Your Lawn Over Winter

This is how the lawn will look once the forking has been carried out, in this case by a machine, but the grass will quickly grow over the holes while still allowing water to drain through quickly.

The Winter is a very good time to alleviate compaction and drainage problems by aerating the lawn. On a small to medium sized lawn the ideal method is to use a garden fork to aerate the soil, inserting it into the surface as deep as it will go vertically, then easing the handle backwards a little before withdrawing the fork. This should be repeated at a spacing roughly equal to the width of the fork tines, giving a square pattern. On larger lawns there are powered aeration machines available to hire or buy which do an excellent job, but not in my opinion as well as the fork.

Making these holes has the added benefit of allowing frost to get right into the ground which helps to break up compaction. Any paricularly damp or hard areas should be targetted for repeat forking over the Winter, and if the problem is not alleviated then some proper drainage will have to be considered in the long term.

Lawn Edging as a Winter Task

A half moon edger being used for lawn edging in winter

A sharp half moon edger being used to straighten a broken lawn edge.

Another job that can be carried out in the Winter is that of edging the lawn. A half moon lawn edger is the ideal tool for this operation, but a straight edged spade will do as well. To get good straight lines always use a board to cut against, as string is very easy to move and is not as reliable. The half moon or spade should be sharp to make sure of a good clean edge. If the edges of the lawn are curved then it`s down to practicing your skills with the half moon to make sure the edge looks good.

I will be doing a series of short video demonstrations on the various aspects of lawncare and the use of lawncare machinery and tools, so look out for that shortly. These will appear in a special video area of the site as soon as we have a little good winter weather. I’ll rely on some crisp blue winter skies for this so, being a Scottish resident, it could take a few weeks, but I’ll have this resource up as soon as I can.

Let me Know Winter Months Lawn Care Regime

If you have any lawn care jobs you like to get done over the winter, please do let me know. You can get it touch really easily by writing me a comment on this post, just by filling in the comment box below. I’d love to hear from you and find out what others do in the cold months to keep their gardening cravings at bay.

Also, if you would like any other advice on winter lawn maintenance, mowing your lawn in winter, keeping your moss under control or anything else I’ve talked about in these articles, please do get in touch on our contact page. I look forward to hearing from you!