I find it strange sometimes that one of the questions I’m asked most often through this site, and when I’m out and about mowing lawns in general, is, ‘How Do I go about starting a lawn mowing business?’ Over the years, it’s become pretty obvious to me that the lawn mowing business is pretty attractive to anyone looking to start out on their own!

This page is intended to help you get started on the road to becoming a lawn mowing professional. Starting a lawn mowing business is something anyone can do, but it pays to do your research. Well prepared businesses are successful businesses!

I suppose it’s no secret why lawn mowing is so popular as a job choice. I love my job after all – I get to:

  • Work on my own schedule and take days off when I need them
  • Plenty of outdoors work – I can’t take a cubicle!
  • Problem solving and challenges – when you see some of the neglected lawns I deal with, you’ll understand.
  • Making people happy – you get a great sense of reward through the smiles on people’s faces, looking at their perfect lawn.

Learning How to Start a Lawn Mowing Business

The quickest and cheapest way to start a lawn mowing business is by learning all you need to know through a ready-made business pack. This requires a wee bit of self-discipline, learning on your own, but it’s low cost and great value, so perfect if you don’t have much start-up funding.

I’ve browsed quite a few lawn mowing business courses – it always pays to keep learning – and have found 2 I can recommend. They have been developed in the US, but the material is entirely relevant around the world, including here in the UK. They cover everything you need to get started in your own business, and the vital things you need to know in making a success of it, growing your customer base and your profits, year on year.

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Lawn Company Secrets

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Lawn Care Business Course

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Ultimate Lawn Care Business Formula

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Have a look at both of their sales pages and choose which one’s for you. Or, if you’re really serious there’s no reason you shouldn’t choose both – there’s great information in each resource.

Best of all, if, after reading them, you don’t think the resources really helped, they both offer money-back guarantees, so you’re really nothing to lose!