Sometimes, despite your best efforts, your lawn requires the care only a lawn expert can provide. Lawns For You offers a range of services, both in-person and online, to get your lawn and garden back into shape. Drop us a line now for a free consultation.

But introductions first, of course! My name is Duncan Gray and have been a Head Greenkeeper of golf courses for around thirty five years. I now run Lawns For You, a lawn care and gardening company, and maintain this website with the aim of helping garden owners, sports clubs and businesses improve their lawn, grounds and gardens. Here are the services we offer at Lawns For You:

Local Lawn Care Services

I offer in-person local lawn care services, travelling to people’s homes and advising them on how to improve their grass areas. I also do work in other areas of the garden, providing an all-in-one professional gardening service. These services are mostly in the Southern and central part of Scotland, mainly Dumfries & Galloway, Ayrshire, Glasgow and Edinburgh, but I have travelled much further afield for bigger jobs, such as Aberdeen, Inverness and northern areas of England. For interesting work, I would happily travel throughout England and the rest of the UK.

Lawn and Garden Supplies Shop

Through the Lawns For You website, we sell a large range of lawn and garden supplies, including:

  • Grass seed for shade, drought, high wear areas and many other applications
  • Lawn Fertiliser, both seaweed and chemical variants
  • Garden Games, including giant jenga, chess, croquet, climbing frames, sandpits and more
  • Artificial Turf of all types and price ranges, including fitting if required

We’re always adding new products, so if you’re looking for materials for your garden, have a look in our lawn and garden supplies shop.

Online Lawn Care Service

Many people just need a little advice when it comes to lawn care. Much of the work itself doesn’t take a great deal of experience, but diagnosing lawn problems, diseases and requirements does, and that’s where I come in. I now offer an online lawn care advisory service, accessible from anywhere in the world. I can chat with a lawn owner, either via email, Skype or over the phone, and, with the assistance of a few photos, diagnose exactly what’s wrong with their lawn.

From this diagnosis I can provide a complete lawn care plan, including what supplements to use, what techniques to employ and what equipment is required. I’ve now provided this service to a great many people and helped them to develop their perfect garden, just with a little help. If you’re interested, read more about my online lawn care service.

Fine Turf: Bowling Green and Golf Advisory Services

Thanks to my extensive fine turf experience, I now offer consultancy services to bowling greens and golf courses around the country. Many bowling greens are maintained by club volunteers, but benefit greatly from an external consultant who can advise on professional bowling green maintenance practises. The surface required for green bowling is at such a high level that professional help is often a necessity.

Similarly, in the golf industry, external consulting is becoming more and more common. I have offered regular maintenance services to golf courses in the past, and often create yearly maintenance plans for golf clubs that don’t employ a full-time head greenkeeper. Even courses that do employ full greenkeeping staff can benefit from an external perspective when considering renovations, or may simply require the benefit of more experience and knowledge than their current staff have.

Read more here about my fine turf advisory services, or contact me here to enquire.