I have been involved in preparing and laying turf on a number of new lawn projects in the last three months, so I thought I’d write a little about the projects to give you some good examples of what can be achieved in various different situations.

In this article I’m going to talk about turfing my own garden, a renovation project that’s been a long time coming thanks to how busy we are with Lawns For You.

Turfing a new lawn

Preparing and turfing, batch by batch, is key when using different turf sources.

I have already talked about my plans to transform the ‘wildlife garden’ at the rear of my house.  I had intended to seed the lawn area, following my initial preparation a while back: Preparing a New Lawn Area.

When carrying out a turfing job, I always slightly overestimate the area to be turfed in case of problems, something which often happens. Well, in this case I had a few jobs which ran perfectly, no extra turf required, so I decided to use the leftovers to turf rather than seed my lawn.

I think this might prove a good example to others that might be able to procure turf from a number of sources as often you might be able to find a little section of turf here and there to draw from when you’re building a new lawn.

My work here proves that if you can acquire turf from different sources, it’s still possible to combine it to create a great quality lawn.

A newly turfed lawn, completely covered in grass turf

A complete lawn, using 4 different batches of turf. The different areas are barely noticeable already.

The complete lawn below consists of the leftover turf from four different jobs, with the turf being obtained from three different suppliers.

Find turf here.

Key to this approach is preparing enough ground for each batch of turf as it becomes available. If you prepare the entire surface it’s likely to be ruined by weather, cats and birds, proving a big waste of time.

As you can see from the photo to the right, the lawn is now complete and looking good. It was finished using four different batches and three different types of turf, laid over a period of five weeks.

I applied a little grass seed, find fine lawn seed here, after laying each section, with a dressing of sand, 2 kilo per square meter, following. This is only three weeks after completion and the different areas are hardly noticeable already.

I have decided to dig a pond on part of the ground as well, which will be a big attraction for wildlife to make up for the lost wild plants. I have allowed for a path beside the shed, and the pond is going into the back left. Notice also that I have left a border round the sides of the lawn to plant some wild flowers, which will avoid the need for strimming. Wild flower seed here.

If you’re interested in turfing a new lawn and need to buy some turf for it, find it here. We can provide and lay turf for any area in Dumfries and Galloway,  just give us a call for a quote.