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    Grass Seed

    Grass Seed at Lawns For YouWe stock the finest quality grass seed blends, and all for very specific purposes. Do you suffer from shady areas or low light? Try our seed for shade. Live in a hose pipe ban prone area? We have a Water Saver Seed for you! Have a look at our grass seed section for other lawn seed varities. 


    Lawn Fertiliser

    Lawn Fertiliser at Lawns For YouIn keeping your lawn lush and green, fertiliser is an essential component to any gardening regime. Our fertiliser products are great for your lawn, and can also help you to cultivate excellent flowers, plants and grow juicy, healthy vegetables. We stock seaweed and chemical fertilisers.


    Bowling Green Package

    Garden Games at Lawns For You The Lawns For You store offers a full bowling green maintenance package, drawing from Duncan Gray's extensive fine turf experience. This package offers everything you need, as a bowling club, to keep your surface green all year round, from seed to fertilizer.