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This is the brand new service that we at lawnsforyou are offering to bowling clubs. A one stop ordering and advice service that will allow bowling clubs to order all their fertilizer, wetting agent, turf conditioners, and grass seed, all from one source, along with full advice in an ongoing capacity as to how and when to use them. All of these products are of the highest quality, tried and tested by lawnsforyou.

The package includes the following :- 3 x 25k Granular spring fertilizer, including mosskiller, 9-0-0+11% fe. 2 x 10 litrs liquid fertilizer with seaweed and humates for application twice over the Summer, 8-0-4+humates and seaweed. 3 x 25k bags of Autumn fertilizer, 3-0-22+4%mg+6%cao+seaweed. Six x 25k bags lawn sand, 3-0-0+7% iron, for applying twice in late Autumn/ Winter. 10 litres Aquaeasy wetting agent, enough for 3 applications over the season. 20k Premier bowling green grass seed.

The package includes a written program of works to cover a full years maintenance, and can be tweaked if necessary to cater for individual needs. This will also give access to ongoing advice from Duncan throughout the year.

I cant supply top-dressing direct, but can advise on where best to get a good supply in every area in the UK. I can also advise on access to weed killers and fungicide, although on my program the need for either of these is limited.

If your bowling green has no sprayer, or access to one, have a look at the spraying equipment on our shop.

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