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The turf rise series of fertilisers from Lawns For You is the range to use if you’re looking for high quality supplements using top quality raw materials, all of which combine to assist you in growing perfect green grass. Trials have been performed with this series of supplements and have shown improved colour quality with enhanced vitality and a resultant reduction in grass disease. All of these fertilisers contain seaweed which is a ideal supplement for improving the quality of your soil – an aspect which is, of course, vital for healthy grass.

This fertiliser utlises Humic Acid and Seaweed to encourage the development of a robust and healthy grass plant, ensuring your lawn has an excellent start to the season. It also contains Magnesium and Iron which improves the colour of your grass, as well as it’s well being and vitality.

Rate of fertiliser application: 10 litres will cover 1500 square meters, a standard sized bowling green. Application can be by knapsack sprayer, or by a walk behind battery powered sprayer.

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