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Organic Plus Mosskiller: Sand Based Fertiliser

Organic Plus Mosskiller: Sand Based Fertiliser

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NPK – 8.0.0 + 4% iron

This mix is ideal for using in situations where a good level of moss control is required and contains fast, medium and slow release nitrogen to ensure the grass will fill in any bare areas left by the removal of the dead moss.

The nitrogen content is made up of equal parts ammonia, dried blood and hoof and horn.

Rate of Application: 50g/m² - 25kg bag treats 500m²

Range Summary

In my opinion these are the finest Sand Based Powders on the market. I have always been a firm believer in using natural fertiliser products, and proof of their effectiveness is the fact they are still used extensively throughout the fine turf industry.

Our wide range of formulations mean there is a product for every situation, but we can also manufacture bespoke products on request, even adding other components such as seaweed with no minimum order. Please note that these fertilisers are not suitable for applying in windy situations.

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